kelong kayak program

Singapore is a small island which only has a total of 710 square km. Many tourists, and even Singaporeans, often conclude that Singapore is a boring place to be in as you can only eat and shop here. They often say that you can tour and do everything in Singapore in just 3 days. However, we are here to change that mindset!

Given the nature of our services in The WOW Experience, we are constantly bringing in new outdoor recreational activities to this sunny island. In saying that, we understand that our citizens like things to be easy and convenient and hence we had made quite a number of our services mobile – YES! MOBILE! and that means we bring these activities to you!

It can be your house, your garden, your void deck, a field near your place, your school, your event hall or even your company office, we can turn it into an “amusement park” on your requests. Our facilitators and trainers are so familiar with our mobile setup that we can do wonders in a short period of time at any locations. Just call us and book your favourite time and location and we will be there with the services you requested for. That easy!

All you have to do at your own end is to gather your participants, enjoy the games and of course, pay up for the services… you don’t want the Police to chase after you with real guns after playing with laser ones. Check out our whole list of mobile activities of what you can do…