Fort Siloso carries a very rich history for Singapore. Fort Siloso was a coast artillery battery, one of twelve coast artillery batteries which made up ‘Fortress Singapore’ at the start of World War Two. During the World War Two, Fort Siloso is used by the British to defend Singapore. It is located in the western tip of Sentosa Island and was used as a British fortified battery where they had planted their guns, expecting the Japanese to arrive via the sea route from the south.

However, for anyone who had studied history, we knew that the British had their guns pointing the wrong way and eventually when the Japanese took control of Singapore. They had used this location to fight against the British as well. Given the history and military background of Fort Siloso, there were numerous tunnels dug, artillery guns left back and memories of those involved in the war.

3 man team skirmishWe, The WOW Experience, was invited by Sentosa Development Corporation to come into Fort Siloso to bring out the history and heritage part of it in A FUN WAY! Since March 2012, we had started our Combat Laser Shooting experience in that property. Stories were adopted from the war and gelled into the different games scenarios which we had painted as part of the games help in Fort Siloso.

You will be brought through a maze in a dark room, shooting down your opponents in the training phase. Once you had completed your training with satisfactory results, you will be brought to one of the longest tunnel used in the war. Your team will go through a story line to battle in that fortified tunnel where you will encounter mean machines and ending at the last battleground with the senior commander firing at you from a look-out tower.

If you fancy something more relaxed, you can also try on some of the recreational activities which the British soldiers do at their free time, to practise their target shooting through a game of Laser Clay. We also have company and battalion size training areas where you can bring your whole team to play a 2 sided game out on the Mad Rush Battlefield.

Fort Siloso Combat Skirmish LIVE is open daily from 10am to 6pm (last entry at 5.30pm).