laserquest singaporeCheck out our newest innovation where we can bring fun laser shooting games to you. Recently, the team behind The WOW Experience had designed and created a Mobile Laser Maze to be used specially for event launches, movie theatre show debut, exhibitions and many more… We literally built and construct a whole set of maze system in the given space and bring in the laser guns to do different missions according to the event needs!

Games and mazes can be customised and it would be an excellent tool to engage your customers and prospects. Think laserquest games but being done in your preferred choice of location. No pain, no mess and hell lots of fun! Unlike the hardcore paintball where you can get bruises and wounds, this is ideal for the family, kids and ladies especially… No blue-blacks, perfectly safe and only fun fun fun! This can be played in air-con indoor environment or outdoor open spaces… We bring fun everywhere we go. See the Mobile Laser Maze webpage for more pictures and illustrations.