Bloop Bubble Suit Games

Fancy transforming yourself into the invincible blob? Watched too many wacky Japanese game shows and you’re itching to try something out of this world?

Now you can! With the newest addition to the ZOVB family, we have BLOOP! Just get into one of these mini ZOVB balls and you are all set to go! Once inside these balls, you are practically invincible – run head-on into your friends (also Bloop-ed of course) and send them flying off in the opposite direction.

Come join us in our wacky world of sports with Bloop and we guarantee you a fun-filled session that will leave you with muscle aches from laughing too hard.

It is suitable for all occasions – be it a birthday party, bachelor party or a fun day out with your family or friends. Just choose the type of games that you and your group want to play. Not only for a fun session, we do team building activities with Bloop as well.

Newest Sports in SingaporeRecently we have just added a new concept called BLOOP SOCCER. It’s a hilarious game played in a futsal court like an usual soccer game but wearing a Bloop. You will bumping people off the ball, blocking the shots with your bloop and having lots of laughter. Best thing is, no one is ever gonna get hurt because you are well protected in the Bloop ball… Be the 1st Movers and try it now!!!

For more information about what you can do with Bloop, please visit our Bloop Official Website.