one dynamics team building

One Dynamics Teambuilding is yet another arm under The WOW Experience Pte Ltd which specialises in Indoor Teambuilding Programs as well as Overseas Incentive Trips. One Dynamics has it’s programs carefully crafted to suit most organisations and to bring groups from it’s raw state into a dynamic and cohesive team.

Hours are spent indoors under the comfort of air-conditioned rooms. Scenarios and puzzles are flung across the room and participants will have to think on their feet, discuss within their groups to solve mysteries and puzzles put forth by the facilitators. Upon request, we might even touch on certain sensitive matters happening in the company and address certain issues or at least make everyone see and realize each other’s point of view or intentions behind their actions.

Creative Juice Program with Tetra PakSome programs where developed in-house while others are based on DISC profiling. We often use different facilitating tools and conducting styles and methods originating from the United States to help groups achieve more through these sessions. One Dynamics Teambuilding had also received countless compliments from our clients and some of them include Ministry of Trade and Industries, Adidas Singapore, Singapore Telecommunications, SAP, Tetra Pak and many more…

For more information, please see the OneDYNAMICS Official Website.