Tchouk Ball pronounced as “chookball”, is a fast-paced hand ball sport – similar to hand ball but played slightly differently. It’s name is derived from the sound the ball makes as it rebounds from the net.

The rule of three – everything works in threes for Tchoukball. You have 3 seconds with the ball, 3 passes and 3 steps. All players are involved in offence and defence. A player scores a point for their team if he/she bounces the ball off the netted rebound surface and the ball hits the ground before being caught by the opponent team.

The game requires one to be alert and have full concentration. It teaches anticipation and physics, as well as teamwork and trust. Tchoukball promotes hand-eye coordination and develops skills that enhance one’s physical and mental output.

Tchoukball can be played either indoors or outdoors, it is a fun and easy to pick up ball sport that allows participation across all ages. Definitely perfect for families, friends, birthday parties, CCA activities, school camps, corporate team building and more!

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