water tag game

Water Tag in SingaporeTry out the all new WATER TAG in town! This is the perfect tagging game to cool off some heat in sunny Singapore and get everyone soaking wet!!! Players only need to don on Water Tag Vest and equip yourself with your water booster / super-soaker guns or any type of water guns and you will be ready for some wild wet fun.

You can play Water Tag at your swimming pool, backyard, garden or any premise which you wouldn’t get into trouble for making it wet. We are mobile and we will bring the necessary equipment to you. All you need is a water source and you & your mates will be set for the game. No age limit and anyone can play. The aim of Water Tag is to shoot your opponent with water (of course… duh!!) and try to fill water up their vest. Once the water level on your vest rises to the top, you are “tagged” and eliminated. The conduct of the game is not only limited to water guns but you can make your own water bombs too! Now it’s beginning to sound really nasty and messy!!!

Spice up your meetups and plan your next birthday party, class reunion, poolside event or even just casual get-together session with Water Tag. We do our best effort to keep this game suitable and affordable for all. Packages start at minimal cost with just bare rentals of the gears, including delivery and pick up. If you don’t want the hassle of organising the session, you can just do top-ups to add in game crews and referees etc. We also have got party packages all planned out to make things simple for you. Go to Water Tag Webpage for more information on what we offer… Instant Fun, Just Add Water!!!