punggol ranch logoPunggol Ranch is a new horse riding centre in the North-East of Singapore. It is a new establishment and within the Ranch itself, there are many facilities and services.

Punggol Ranch has about 30 Chalet Rooms, a Multi-Purpose Hall, an Indian Cuisine Restaurant, Bacon & Booze Cafe / Bar, Cowboy Mart, Rabbit Park, Horse Riding Facilities and Campfire Grounds. You can run your various events in Punggol Ranch through us and we can tie down all you need into a package suitable for you. Punggol Ranch offers team building events, camp fire programs, party venues or simply to connect with the nature doing horse riding and rabbit feeding.

This is one of the few laid back places you can ever find in Singapore. Tugged in one corner of the island, Punggol Ranch offers a whole new different experience when you visit us. Punggol Ranch is perfect for casual events and get-togethers.

***please note that we do not operate the chalets, please contact Punggol Ranch directly for information about the chalets***