Soccer is a sport well-known by everyone! It is one of the first things a toddler learns when he is given a ball; kick it! Golf has also taken its place in the sporting industry, having international competitions sponsored by prominent lifestyle & luxury brands. It is often associated as a socializing sport for businessmen to foster good business relationships.

Soccer Golf is a fun game that is perfect for anyone of any age!

Soccer Golf is here to bridge the gap! We combine the easy entry level of soccer and the precision and skills required to get the soccer ball into the hole. An addictive game that constantly triggers players to do better every time they are on the course. What we love best is that all our games are coupled with a few drinks (beer for that matter) to loosen up the whole atmosphere as you play the game with your family, friends, colleagues or even your partner. There will be lots of laughter and excitement as your whole team conquers the holes one by one.

Soccer Golf was conceptualized and developed by a team of creative and sporting enthusiasts at the WOW Experience. They strongly believe in transforming Singapore’s sports and recreation scene.

Strictly no age restrictions, just as long as you’re young enough to kick a ball! Don’t worry, the kids won’t be having any beer.

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