Christmas at Let Em Play

What was supposed to be a cancelled Christmas charity event due to the unavailability of the Guest-Of-Honour and sponsors pulling out at the last minute, turned into a heart-warming initiative when Joshua Solomons Tay, founder of The WOW Experience Singapore, managed to gather groups of friends through social media willing to come forward to bless the event through various means to make it a success.


Through the power of social media, word spread quickly over a short period of time, between friends and friends of friends resulting in an overwhelming outpour of kindness that superseded Joshua’s initial appeal for sponsored food, drinks and gifts.


While some roped in their companies and team divisions to help pack goodie bags, others like a group of scuba divers from Submersibles Singapore came together to sponsor muffins through Dignity Kitchen, a local social enterprise run by the disabled and disadvantaged. Doubling the good works on both ends.


The amazing outpour of kindness spread beyond Singapore with a gift in kind by Ross Troughton, Joshua’s flight instructor, and owner of TNT Helicopters based in Nelson, New Zealand. The monetary gift will be channeled into buying Christmas gifts for the children.


Individuals have also stepped forward wanting to bless the beneficiaries with useful household appliances and transport vouchers as well as volunteer their time and talents. Just recently home from 2 years of backpacking around the world, Marcus Seng, has kindly offered up his balloon sculpting services and then there’s also talented saxophonist, Jessica Ng, who volunteered her time to dress up as Santa and play Christmas tunes on the saxophone.


The Christmas charity event, “A little joy this Christmas”, jointly organized by Let ‘em Play Singapore (a subsidiary of The Wow Experience Singapore) and South West CDC. The 3-hour event starts at 10 am on 22nd December at Let ‘em Play Singapore’s indoor edutainment hub.


Invited beneficiaries from low income families and kids in the Bukit Gombak community will get a chance to experience indoor rock climbing, challenge themselves on a double story high elements course, try out the newest augmented reality climbing wall as well as enjoy various art and craft fringe activities.


True to the season’s spirit of giving, it is heartening to see fellow Singaporeans taking the initiative to come forward and bless the lesser amongst us, bringing the joy of Christmas to those in need and making a difference in their lives. While our efforts may seem small, we believe that the ripple effects of small things are extraordinary. We hope that our little outreach post would inspire and encourage more Singaporeans to boldly come forward in giving, not only monetary gifts, but also their hearts, time and effort to transform the lives of the disadvantaged within our society.


Come forward and support this event or future similar givebacks with us. Some of us needs a little helping hand every now and then.


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Organiser: Let ‘em Play Singapore 

Person Rallying Sponsors: Joshua Solomons Tay

Facebook Post Link:

Date: 22 Dec 2017

Time: 10am to 1pm

Beneficiaries: 40-50pax Low-Income families and kids from Bukit Gombak Community

Corporate Partners: The WOW Experience Singapore (Parent Company of Let ‘em Play) & South West CDC