Daily Enrichment Activities during School Holiday

The school holidays are round the corner again. We are delighted to be running daily enrichment activities for our kid rangers for the March one week school holidays.

This time round, instead of a packaged 3 or 4 days camp, we will be doing ala-cart style as we understand that parents might not want to commit so many days for camps as they might have their own plans as well for the kids.

We have also made it a point to have activities held island-wide so everyone is able to participate! The daily enrichment activities happens from Monday to Friday between 9am to 3.30pm. Parents only need to drop off their kids are specific venues and pick them up again at 3.30pm.

The daily enrichment activities are designed to bring the kids outdoors, experience new sports, learn new skills and also to further train them up to build endurance, resilience and sportsmanship. Participants also get to learn social skills, team work and appreciate the great outdoors. 

The activities each day will have the participants separated into 2 groups. The more competent group of children will be tasked with more challenges while the younger children and beginners will be learning the sport at a slower & more enjoyable pace. Most activities can accommodate children between 4 to 12 years old, except for Wednesday for Scuba Diving tryout which will be 8 years old and up.

Activities and venues each day will be as such:

Sign up with your child’s BFFs to enjoy group discounts! Slots are limited for each day and more information on each day’s activities can be found on Little Rangers Club Holiday Camp & Enrichment.

Drop us a note on our contact form to sign up or follow the link above to get more details. All activities will be conducted according to the SMM guidelines during the period of the activities.

Look out for other weekly enrichment classes after school or on the weekends which your child can participate and learn more outdoor sports. Find out what our Little Rangers Club arm has to offer. New classes and venues will be released in March, featuring our Term 2 (April to June) training calender.