The newest addition to our Giant Ball Family – Kin Ball is all the fun you can possibly imagine!
This is the perfect team sport for the young and the young at heart, great for groups who love a healthy competition and even more awesome as a team building activity!

Kin Ball is played between three opposing teams of four players each, usually in an indoor court/arena. Each team will be given a specific colour and the objective of the team whose colour is being called is to catch the ball with any part of their bodies before it touches the ground.

Game play and score keeping is a breeze, one that you can pick up quickly and have fun instantly! Both kids and adults can participate, making it the ultimate family bonding sport across different ages!

If you’re looking for something unique yet fun, Kin Ball is definitely something that you’d want to try together with friends, family and even colleagues! Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event, CCA activity or just a casual gathering – we’ll bring the Kin Ball fun to you!

For more information about Kin ball, check out our Kin Ball Webpage.