Team Building Group Outdoors

Have you ever had that dilema on whether to do an indoor or outdoor team building activity for your upcoming company event? I mean both of them have their pros and cons and its just so hard to merge them together and get the most out of that day, in an effort to impress your bosses as well as your colleagues?!

Indoor programs are fool proof in a way that you need not be subjected to the unpredictable weather in Singapore. However, the cost to have such a program would be higher since there will be the extra component of venue rental space. In addition, the entire office has been trapped within the 4 walls everyday at work and since it’s a day out for fun doing team building, isn’t it better to have that in a different environment and get out into the outdoors for some sun and fresh air?!

On the other hand, outdoor programs are though exciting, but everyone is under the mercy on how the weather turns out to be that day. I mean it doesn’t always rain out but there is definitely always that element of risk that it would or for that matter, scorching sunshine throughout the duration and everyone ends up sticky and uncomfortable for the follow-on dinner program, organised as part of the team building experience.

Team Building with Adventour in Jewel

The WOW Experience has NOW the solution for you! With our recent collaboration with Jewel Changi Airport, we are delighted to present two exciting team building programs that will held within Jewel premises! This means your team can have a pseudo outdoor type of activity while being indoors, and enjoying it under the comfort of air-conditioning in the mall.

The Jewel Mystery Lock involves teams to solve puzzles and clues within Jewel Changi. Participants will be gathering and finding out information, solving mysteries and decoding quizzes to unlock a series of luggages till they get into the final piece of mystery to be solved. This program is perfect for groups with curious and analytical minds who enjoys cracking their heads to solve puzzles, and outwitting their opponent teams.

The Jewel Quest – “Local Flavours” is an activity packed with interesting Singaporean or Jewel themed challenges. Teams will assume a “close-to-heart” typical Singaporean role through their quest and take on tasks and challenges within Jewel to earn Experience Points for their team. They will have to complete quirky and fun tasks along the way, related to Singapore & Jewel Changi, to advance to higher stages and ultimately battle out in a race in Level 5 Canopy Park to emerge Champion!

Now that we have provided 2 options that is “THE best of both worlds” for your reference, go ahead and enquire from each of the websites to find out how their program can value-add your next corporate team building program for your company. And did I mentioned that customisation is also possible in each of them?

Do note that these programs are only be available for a limited time period only and hence you definitely want to get your hand in it while it’s still available.