Mothers Day Celebration Event 2022

As Singapore takes a major step to ease the COVID19 SMM guidelines, we have decided to use this opportunity to bring Mothers together to celebrate this great & joyous day for all families!

We have something for everyone… Hence, the WOW Experience has put together 2 types of activities, on separate days, over the Mothers’ Day weekend for you to choose from:

1)Head outdoors on Saturday and try on ARCHERY! Instructions and safety rules will be briefed by our qualified coaches and the whole family can have fun together, honing their aiming & shooting skills. Sign up as a parent & child team or even as a whole family with the add-on options! What’s even better; bring your neighbours along and have a friendly competition to see who buys lunch after! 🙂

2)Sundays are meant to be lazy… So we have an indoor “Paint a Peg Doll Family” activity for mothers and child(ren). Bring your favourite family photo and personalise your “self-painted” family peg dolls to be displayed at home! While the peg dolls take some time to dry, get active with your family in a little “Scavengers Hunt Challenge” within the Club-house. Definitely a excellent parent-child interaction event, while creating beautiful memories with your loved ones through the activity. What’s best, you have your own personalised momento at the end of the day to remember Mothers’ Day!

Sign up now with your loved ones or gather a few family friends together to have even a more enjoyable time! Slots are limited each day so hurry, drop us a note in our contact page and our friendly facilitators will assist you with the sign up process.