As the saying goes, “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy…” Over in The WOW Experience, we strongly believe in introducing FUN into Singapore and using these FUN activities to create synergy in teams. We also like to bring people to the outdoors as Singapore is too much of an academic orientated country. Experiential learning actually benefits a child in leaps and bounce. It also speaks more than a thousand or even a million words. Hence we so totally driven to getting new fun activities into Singapore, just for you and our future generation.Extreme Rafting Natural Swimming Pool

Through the years, our activities had been very well-received and people has been so creative to use our services in more ways than one. We had done 40 year old surprise parties; 21st birthday bash; 6 year birthday old party (which somehow the parents made it to be their own networking sessions with prospects instead); corporate teambuilding sessions outdoors and even right smack in the office building;  new product launch which Borneo Motors used our Water ZOVB balls for their dancers; family day programs and even down to incorporating our activities and services as a core module program for some tertiary schools.

Dancers in ZOVB BallThe list is basically endless so open up your creative cells and go through our list to see how we can benefit you in what you wanna do. Surprise us with your requests and our team will definitely be game enough for your wildest ideas!