Christmas Activity for Kids

This Christmas, let us bring your kids out for a day of learning in Singapore’s own Nature Trails! The WOW Experience is organising an opportunity for your kids to learn about map reading, combining with compass navigation, and also to discover the history and heritage in some of the very exciting Nature Trails in our backyard!

The younger kids, from 5 to 8 years old, will have their quest held in Thomson Nature Park where it’s used to house our Hainanese forefathers back in the olden days. Some of the building structures and road network within the village were preserved and still exist till this day. Participants will get to learn some interesting history of our Hainanese first settlers and discover how the existing nature in the area played a  part of their daily livelihood in those days.

The adventure-ready kids or youth, between 9 to 16 years old, will have their trail discovery held in Pulau Ubin, the last frontier in Singapore. In the early days, Pulau Ubin was known for granite mining, and the trade supported many settlers in Singapore. At the same time, much of the original vegetation was also cleared for the cultivation of rubber and crops like coffee, pineapple, coconut and jasmine within the island. Today, abandoned granite quarries remain as picturesque relics of Ubin’s history, while forests and grasslands have regenerated to cover up the ravages of the past. Pulau Ubin now offers a safe nature discovery heaven for our younger generation to appreciate the once “kampong” Singapore we used to be.

Parents will drop off and pick up their kids at the same location in Thomson Nature Park and Changi Village respectively, at the stipulated time in the above brochure. Lunch will be provided for the adventure-ready kids / youth in Pulau Ubin.

Sign up through our contact form and awe your children with what Singapore’s nature scene (though limited) have to offer; while equipping them with useful orienteering skills to last a lifetime. Let their love for the outdoors grow, through fun learning and hands-on application this holiday!